"We choose to do business with Red Ball Oxygen because it's a local company. We know we can depend on fast response in emergency situations.."

-Tim Pickard

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"It is always important for us to receive top quality standards and gases, and Red Ball provides that for us. One of the other things that is important to us is Red Ball's ability to provide our gases when we need them, on-time."

-Casey Rhymes

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"Every time that we have called them with either needing assistance in our welding processes, helping us decide what welding machines we might want to purchase in the future, they've always been real responsive in bringing us the machines we need that help us improve our processes. Hopefully, the goal for us is to improve our processes over the years, and I think Red Ball has done that very well."

"I would recommend everyone at least giving Red Ball an opportunity to come in and talk to them. They have saved us money over the last year in the purchasing of our gases. And they will work with you any way that they can to get your confidence and to help you out. Like they're almost a member of our company, and that's very unusual in today's market."

-Gary Buchanan

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"Red Ball Oxygen has one of the top notch customer service departments. They're friendly. Every time you call, someone answers the phone. You have a problem, within two hours they correct it."

Patricia Locke

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"It's a good feeling to know that they're going to be there to help you out if something happens, if you've got questions, if you need something, you can go into a job confident that you can succeed with their help."

-Ben Howard

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"They have a good service department that comes out on site and fixes your equipment. If they can't fix your equipment, they get equipment that you can use so you're not down. A lot of companies will fix your stuff, but won't give you equipment to use while your stuff's down."

"We're doing a lot of wedling training. We have a lot of bilingual people here, and Red Ball has taken it upon themselves to get on my charts and all the training stuff bilingual for us, which is a good plus. The companies didn't offer the training materials in Spanish. Red Ball and their guys went out and got it translated into Spanish and English, and it's all bilingual now.....They did it on their own, and now we're doing training in bilingual, which is really good for our weld shop."

-Joshua Carpenter


"When Red Ball Oxygen does come out, it's always friendly. They never act like we're troubling them. It can be any time - night or day - they're always happy to have the call. It's just refreshing to have someone that values the customer at the end of the relationship the way Red Ball does."

"One of the most impressive things about Red Ball is their sales reps are not just salesmen. They know the products. They can troubleshoot the majority of the equipment they sell. They have a good stock of parts."

-Blake Parker

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"Well actually, the differentiator between Red Ball and some of the other local welding supply houses is that Red Ball offers a total solution.....and they will come in and help us do that, train us, make suggestions on things we can do to improve things and basically Red Ball has become our total welding solution."

"Well, we find that Red Ball, like a good pertner, is very concerned about us and very concerned about our success. They do whatever they can do to make us successful."

-Ken Harrison

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"They know the technical aspects of everything we do here. If they don't, they have the resources -- Red Ball does -- that they can reach out and get ahold of whomever they need to get ahold of. If they don't have the expertise in-house, they have the resources to get that expertise."

-Jeff Jones

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"We do business with Red Ball Oxygen because we have a long-lasting relationship with them. They've always been fair to us, always done what they said they were going to do, Marty has always taken great care of us. Any time we need something--if it's on a Saturday or Sunday--if I call them, they're going to do whatever they have to do to make sure I get or try to help me out with whatever needs I need taken care of. They've always been real good to us."

"I chose Red Ball to do business with because they're always there. They never let me down. They always do what they say they're going to do. We work seven days a week and if I have a problem on the weekend, or 12 a.m. I can always get somebody on the phone and they will take care of my needs. If I order something and tell them I've got to have it they make sure I have it and they take care of all my needs."

-Clint Woods

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"Red Ball stands out because they're like our company, Air Hygiene. They have a family-oriented base and you don't feel like a number. You feel like a customer and they're there for you whenever you need them."

"Would I recommend Red Ball to other people? Yes. And I have. I recommend everyone I see that have compressed cylinders within my industry - mechanics, and different pipeline people. Because I have not had a single problem with them, and they're there all hours of the night whenever I need them. I know I can call them and have my stuff."

-Pat McGovern

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