Reliable Industrial Gas Storage Solutions

Bulk gases cylinders

Red Ball Oxygen Co., Inc. has the bulk storage solutions for your growing needs. We can maximize your profits by designing the ideal bulk delivery system for your gas application.

We know you want simple, reliable deliveries with 100% uninterrupted gas supply. That is why we have created our unique program to handle all your industrial gas needs based on your company’s actual use patterns. We can develop a system that is right for you whether you need an automatic manifold system, a cryogenic storage tank, a tube trailer, or high pressure ground storage tubes.

Bulk Storage Tanks

Red Ball Oxygen can provide cryogenic bulk storage tanks for liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid carbon dioxide and liquid argon that are sized for your application.

The cryogenic bulk storage tank has the following features:

  • ASME Section 8, Division 1 pressure vessel for low temperature storage of cryogenic products
  • Excel-Insulation technology, using vacuum and multi-layers of composite insulation to provide superior performance to that of older style cryogenic containers
  • A variety of sizes and pressures that can easily fit your application.
  • Set up for liquid withdrawal applications with vacuum jacketed lines, or for gas applications with vaporizers and final line assemblies.
  • Liquid level gauges can have an optional low level alarm for added security
  • Dual safety relief valves allow for component maintenance without interruption of product flow
  • Simplified control valves and piping circuits to make the operation easier
  • All stainless steel piping provides years of wear.
Model (Tank Size) Gross Capacity (Gal) Nominal Capacity (Gal) Working Pressure (PSIG) Diameter (Inches) Height (Inches) Weight (Lbs) NER** (%/Per Day)
VS1500 1,585 1,509 250 66 188 6,900 .33
VS3000 3,158 3,037 250 86 228 13,500 .25
VS6000 6,075 5,841 250 86 382 24,500 .15
VS9000 9,449 9,085 250 102 414 37,400 .10
VS11000 11,478 11,144 250 102 492 45,400 .10
VS13000 13,513 13,119 250 114 463 51,908 .10
VS15000 15,545 15,093 250 114 523 59,800 .10
** Normal Evaporation Rate of O2